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Join MoPOP For a Minecraft Springtime Egg Hunt!

MoPOP Minecraft Springtime Egg Hunt

Celebrate the return of Spring to the northern hemisphere by joining the Museum of Pop Culture for a madcap egg hunt in a specially-created Minecraft world!

The hunt is on at 10am and 1pm PT on Saturday, April 11, when you're invited to quest for a number of expertly-hidden eggs throughout the world for a chance at some unique in-game prizes. Created in collaboration with the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum and Living Computers: Museum + Labs, which has modified its Minecraft Java server to host the hunt. 

To participate, be sure to register with the server in advance at:

Here's What Else You Need to Know (courtesy Living Computers: Museum + Labs)

  • The HUNT begins at 10am and 1pm PT on Saturday, April 11, 2020
  • The HUNT will last 1 hour
  • Players collect Spawn Eggs stored in randomly placed chests
  • The world is limited in size to 200 x 200 blocks so you can find the most eggs
  • Make a screenshot of your player on the server with your inventory up and send to
  • Players with the highest number of Spawn Eggs will win a prize gifted in our regular Java Minecraft World
  • A special prize of 64 blocks of Diamonds are HIDDEN.. can you find them?
  • If more than 25 players register in advance, additional HUNTs will be hosted throughout the Day

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