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Emerald City Comicon 2018: Panel Roundup

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Navigating Comicon can be a little daunting with so many cool options on panels to attend, guests to see, and a GIGANTIC exhibitor floor to travel.

Since we’re already going comics crazy in preparation for MARVEL: Universe of Super Heroes, we put together a handy roundup of comics-focused panels we’re looking forward to this year.

Oh! And make sure to visit MoPOP at Comicon all weekend long at booth 1510 for photo ops and fun surprises.


It's Alive!!! Bring Your Superheroes to Life - 1:45pm

What it is: Dana Burman shares how to turn your superhero illustrations into animations.

Why we’re excited for it: What’s better than making super hero comics? Making super hero comics that move, of course.

Editorial & Non-fiction Cartooning in 140 Characters (or More) - 2:45pm

What it is: A closer look at the evolution of non-fiction cartooning in an increasingly digitized world.

Why we’re excited for it: We love the versatility of the comic artform. This panel is bound to shed some light on the newest ways comics are influencing our world.

Mixing it Up: Multiracial Comic Characters on the Rise - 5:15pm

What it is: The Mixed Comix Collective look at some of the most cutting-edge representations of feminist mixed-race characters.

Why we’re excited for it: We’re passionate about representation in all artforms and are eager to add more titles to our reading list.


You Can Draw in 30 Minutes - 2:00pm

What it is: The legendary Mark Kistler shows you how to draw in this Funtastic Art Attack!

Why we’re excited for it: We like Mark’s philosophy that “drawing is the first step to transform ideas into reality.” Plus, we LOVED his PBS show back in the day.

Marvel Comics Meetup - 4:15pm

What it is: A space for Marvel fans to meet, share, and geek out together.

Why we’re excited for it: What’s not to love about spending an hour talking all things Marvel?

Jack Kirby 101: Top Creators Pay Tribute to the King - 5:00pm

What it is: Creators celebrate the “King of Comics,” complete with a slide show of his most influential works.

Why we’re excited for it: We love seeing through the eyes of our favorite creators especially when the subject is Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame inductee Jack Kirby.


Marvel for Everyone: Presented by MoPOP's MARVEL: Universe of Super Heroes - 12:15pm

What it is: Pop culture historians and creators take you on a journey through Marvel’s monumental efforts to create an inclusive universe.

Why we’re excited for it: In anticipation of our newest exhibition, we're thrilled to present a panel discussing the work behind-the-scenes that helped make Marvel’s diverse universe.

Hip-Hop and Comics - 4:00pm

What it is: A look at the ways these artistic cultures intertwine.

Why we’re excited for it: Some of the most groundbreaking art is created when one genre is inspired by another. We can’t wait to dive in.

Taking Fandom Seriously - 4:00pm

What it is: Writers, teachers, and critics talk about turning fandom into a career and walking the fine line between geeking out and critically engaging with material they love.

Why we’re excited for it: For some reason we can’t help but feel a kinship to the topic of careers in fandom (wink).


Comics, Architecture, and Seattle Landmarks - noon

What it is: Comics creators and advocates talk about their work in highlighting inequality, zoning restrictions, historical spaces, and other issues related to the places where Seattlites live and labor.

Why we’re excited for it: Art often works as a medium for social change, and architecture and landmarks are a fresh angle we’re looking forward to exploring.

Artists Who Write: The Craft and Creation of Comics - 1:15pm

What it is: A panel of versatile comics creators discuss turning an idea into a full-fledged story and how they continue to keep their writing fresh.

Why we’re excited for it: We always love hearing about the creator’s process, as it usually inspires us to step out of our comfort zone and try something new!

Cool Moms: Making, Reading, and Being Represented in Comics - 4:00pm

What it is:  Writer/editor Casey Gilly leads a panel on the trials, triumphs, and tricks of balancing comics careers with parenthood, as well as finding positive representation of moms in books.

Why we’re excited for it: We love our moms. What better way to celebrate motherhood than with a panel of cool comics creating moms?

What are you most excited for at ECCC this year? Let us know! #MarvelMoPOP

All photos courtesy of Emerald City Comicon.

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