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Jawzilla: The Real Deal

Jawzilla at Sound Off 2018

Sound Off! returns to MoPOP starting Friday, February 9, and I’m literally counting down the days. (I’m not joking there are less than 22 as of the day this was published)

At the beginning of January, we had the opportunity to meet with this year’s artists and talk to them about their sound, goals, and what’s going on in their worlds.

Performed with the confidence of a musician twice his age, Jawzilla’s driving rhymes fly over expertly produced beats, delicate chimes, and smooth guitar. What sets Jaw apart are his lyric-heavy tracks that reveal a mindful person filled with passion and poetry. From profound observations about the world around him to clever lines that hook the listeners ear (“I’m leaking ink just like I’m Stan Lee”), Jawzilla’s music is the real deal.

Check out this clip, and then read the whole interview below!

What does being part of Sound Off! mean to you?

Nate: It’s just a crazy thing to really realize. Like I mean the fact that we have such a great opportunity to show off our craft and just be ourselves.

Jaw: It’s a lot of opportunity too. Honestly, I feel like the fact that I got put into this, really shows that I am part of the top local talent. Like, we’re actually here to play; we’re actually ready; we’re actually good to go. Like, we actually really want this, and we’ve taken the time to really invest and look out for opportunities like this.

So that’s what Sound Off! is for me, really just a huge opportunity to show what you have compared to the local talent.

 Jawzilla at Sound Off 2018

Why do you make music? How does creating make you feel?

Jaw: I create music because that’s one of the only things I’m actually good at that I like. Like school? I’m good at school, but I hate school with a passion. It’s just so much boring stuff that I’m never going to do musically. Music is somewhere where I can really be myself, and really just show what I have, in a fun way that I’m good at doing, that I can do my way.

Nate: I feel the same way. I create a lot of my music because I want something that people who go through the same things that I experience can have something to relate to and have something to listen to. There’s times when I’ve wanted [music like] the things that I produce [to listen to], so it’s a good experience to make things for other people.

What do you hope to achieve through your music?

Nate: I just want to improve personally. There’s always a space for one to improve in terms of what they produce.

Jaw: I wanna create a vibe that’s really dope and that really does a lot for people. I do a lot of social justice work, and I feel like with my music I’m almost like a voice that people hear, and I think that they can take that with them, [they can take] my values with them and use them in their day and life. 

Jawzilla at Sound Off 2018

Describe your music using only emojis.

Nate: That’s a good question. I’d pick the fire emoji.

Jaw: Of course you do. This is such a weird question. I’m not gonna lie. This is actually one of the coolest questions I’ve been asked.

Nate: I’ve actually thought about [this] in my free time, but now that I really have to think about which specific emojis … it’s just, there’s so many. I guess maybe the headphone emoji. That one too.

Jaw: I guess if I really had to describe it in one emoji, there’s like that one emoji where he’s like [poses with hand on chin]. It’s kinda like that question where you’re just [poses with hand on chin]. “So I mean what about” [poses with hand on chin]. Cause I think when people really listen to music they really get deep into it. So that’s kinda like that [poses with hand on chin]. Definitely without a doubt.

That or the devil horns one, cause I do a lot of bad stuff. 

Jawzilla performs Friday, February 9 at Sound Off! Semifinals #1. Don’t miss it. Get your tickets right here.

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