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The Seahawks are on bye this weekend but have chosen to keep the games going online, launching an eSports campaign to celebrate video games the Seattle NFL franchise loves.

Each day this week, the club plans to unveil a unique piece of content featuring a different part of the gaming world. On Thursday, the Seahawks released a video exploring Minecraft, the world's top-selling video game, using the newly-opened Minecraft: The Exhibition at the Museum of Pop Culture.

"This is his world," Seahawks Vice President of Player Engagement Mo Kelly admits while touring the MoPOP exhibition with his son Miles. "I have no idea, the whole thought process behind the game. I just see it's all about building things."

As Kelly notes, when it comes to Minecraft, parents often find themselves asking the questions while kids are looked to as the game's professionals.

"I think it's cool," Kelly says of his son's interest in the 10-year-old gaming title. "He's tried to give me some information on it, but I don't think I have the mental capacity to be able to learn that, so I'll just refer to the expert."

As we've noted before, Minecraft is more than a game. On top of the entertainment it provides, Minecraft serves as a platform for creative expression, community building, and can double as an educational tool.

"I enjoy watching him play those games because, again, it's expanding his mind, letting him dream big and build things, so I'm all for that," says Kelly. "I mean, if you find something you're passionate about, you'll never work a day in your life, and that's something that I hope, that he'll get a chance to find his passion."

Check out Mo and Miles' tour of Minecraft: The Exhibition in the video embedded above.

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