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MoPOP Don't Stop: What We're Doing To Stay Connected With You

MoPOP Don't Stop: What We're Doing To Stay Connected With You

Here at MoPOP, we take pop culture seriously. We rewatch all six seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess again and again, we collect action figures, and we fight about what the best Beyonce album is (it’s Lemonade, just FYI). And we know that you do, too! Which is why, during this time of coronavirus, social distancing, and the closures of many of our public spaces, including our museum, we want to share with youour beloved communitysome of the pop culture that gives us life, distracts us from the tumult, and will undoubtedly lift your spirits.

For the next few weeks or until we “flatten the curve,” we will be populating our feeds with content that will take your mind off of hand-washing and put it somewhere more fun: on a deep exploration of the musical episode of Buffy, on a heated debate on how Klingons are depicted in Star Trek: Discovery, on our list of recommended ’90s hip-hop albums to listen to in seclusion, or to snippets of an oral history interview with Megan Jasper, CEO of local record label, Sub Pop. There will be competitions, videos, listicles, and discussion threads led by our staff and community members, all of whom know their stuff and are really excited to share their passions with you.

So we invite you to remain connected during these difficult times. Of course, we need to focus on keeping healthy and safe, but we also need to remember that we are human beings, we are creative and social creatures, and that if ever there was a time to devour as much pop culture as possible, it is right now. Join us!

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Jason is the Director of Education and Programs at MoPOP.