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Kiddus Fecto Performs "The King Way" and "Nonexistent" at MoPOP Sound Off! 2021

Kiddus Fecto at MoPOP Sound Off! 2021
Kiddus Fecto performs at MoPOP Sound Off! 2021 (Nate Watters)

Watch Kiddus Fecto perform "The King Way" and "Nonexistent" at Sound Off! 2021, the Museum of Pop Culture's premier 21-and-under music showcase featuring artists from across the Pacific Northwest.

The first thing you hear when Kiddus Fecto takes the stage is the deep bass of his voice, and though he immediately commands a space when he sings, you’re also drawn into the depth of his craft as a songwriter, producer, and performer. Swinging naturally between hip hop and R&B, and fiercely devoted to the music community, Kiddus lifts his listeners up.

"The King Way"



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