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Cut to the SFFSFF Feeling

You know that feeling when you’re into something? Like really, really into something?

And it turns out other people are too, and some of them make awesome art, and thanks to MoPOP and SIFF you get to go meet those people and watch their art on a big screen and maybe who knows go eat cupcakes?

I love that feeling. It’s the feeling of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival.

I’ve been lucky enough to see most of the selections early, and just to give you a sense of the program, I’ve already:

  • gotten chills (multiple times)
  • been jump-scared into spilling tea on myself
  • laughed until I snorted and startled my cat
  • cried a little, then rewatched and cried a little again
  • scrunched up my brain asking “What am I looking at, and why do I like it so much?”

So basically prepare yourself for a mind-bending good time while a squad of soon-to-be cult shorts from around the planet barrels through your consciousness leaving you saying things like Whoa and Eeee and Yowza.

Wait. I don’t have a cat.

…Whose cat is this?

2023 marks the 18th annual SFFSFF, which means it is now legally allowed to vote, and we hope it will make good choices. We know you will, of course, when the whole SFFSFF audience casts their votes for the next class of inductees into MoPOP’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. And sure, you don’t technically have to be there to vote, but boy is it way more fun in a group.

Speaking of groups, how are we all pronouncing SFFSFF? Are we saying Svff-Svff? Or Siff-Siff? Or I don’t know, SciFiFa-ShoFiFe?! (Oop, there goes the cat.)

It’s confusing, for sure, and maybe we’ll have to decide on the day. But for now, I think the name is sort of perfect: Short. Mysterious. Unsettling. SFFSFF is about pushing the boundaries of art and reality, after all. Of course the vowels are not what they seem.

Don’t know about you, but I’m really into that.

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