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Doctor Who

Doctor Who
Doctor Who

1963–1989; 2005–present

The adventures of the time- and space-traveling Doctor thrill and inspire generations worldwide.

Created in 1963 to teach children about history, Doctor Who grew into a multi-decade phenomenon. To date, it is the longest-running science fiction television series of all time The show follows the countless adventures of the Doctor, a near-immortal alien being who travels in a TARDIS, a time- and space-craft that mainly takes the form of a (now old-fashioned) UK police box.

Despite its originally low budget, the program presents sweeping space opera on an unbridled and imaginatively vast scale. Time and space are truly no impediment to either the Doctor or the show’s writers. Since the 2005 series restart in particular, the show has developed thoughtful, emotional stories that examine how the unfathomable strangeness of the universe can impact individual and often humble lives.

Three spin-off series have followed: Torchwood (2006), The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007), and Class (2016). In addition, there are Doctor Who stage plays, numerous audio serials, novels, magazines, and video games.

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