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Upcoming Events at MoPOP


MoPOP Matinee Takeover

Event date  JULY-OCTOBER 2022
Event location  MoPOP

Everyone loves a good crossover episode — that's why we’re bringing in some guest stars to continue supplying fresh content at MoPOP. For our Matinee Takeover, we’re teaming up with other local nonprofits to put a range of perspectives from the Seattle community onto our theater screen.


Host Virtual Watchalong

Event date  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2022
Event time  7:00PM PT
Event location  Online: Watch Your Own Copy or Stream

In a time where the world was asked to stay home, many became familiar with the video conferencing program Zoom. While allowing a place to chat with our loved ones, it kept us safe from the things that lurked outside. At least, this group of friends thought it did when they hired someone to conduct a Zoom séance.


Videodrome Campout Cinema

Event date  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2022
Event time  7:00PM
Event location  MoPOP's Sky Church
Ages  Age 21+

The television can be a great way to escape from reality. TV station president Max Renn is always looking to get ahead of the competition. When he comes across Videodrome, a signal broadcasting snuff films for the masses, the division of reality and screen begin to blur.


Museum Gallery Maps

Find your way around a one-of-a-kind building.

MoPOP Museum Map Level 1

MoPOP Museum Map Level 2

MoPOP Museum Map Level 3