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Fashionably Undead Monsters Ball

Fashionably Undead Monsters Ball

The moon is full, the hour is near: the MoPOP Monsters Ball is here! Seize this chance to party among your own kind, free to be your truest monster self as you mash, twist, prance, bop, and boogie the night away. And there will be dancing, too!

Forget about humans for one grand evening at the 2023 Monsters Ball!

This event has now passed

Event Information

10/27 @ 8 PM – 12 Midnight

Adult $25
Member Adult $23

Group Discount
5-9 attendees = 15% off, 10+ = 30% off
Come with your Monster Squad and get a discount!

Artist Information
Dancing with DJ Theres More, and our MC Drag King extraordinaire Jack King Goff!

Monstrous Activities
Photo-op for you and your monster squad
MoPOP gallery scavenger hunt by Hourglass Escapes
Community art activity that will be a scary good time!

Costume Contest*
Attend the ball in your best dress for the chance to win our costume contest!


  • Best Overall: $500 cash prize
  • Most on Theme (Monsters' Ball)
  • Scariest
  • Best Group/Duo

Runners up will also receive a fun prize package!

*See costume contest rules for details

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MoPOP Entry Policy for 21+ Events

Disclaimer: The Museum of Pop Culture and its staff reserves the right to interpret and administer the following event policies at their sole discretion:

Prohibited Items

Attendees may not bring any of the following items to the event location and any attendee attempting to bring such items into the location will be denied entry or removed from the premise immediately:

  • Weapons. All weapons, including but not limited to firearms, knives or items with blades, bats, chains, explosives, fireworks, boomerangs, slingshots or similar launchable items, are strictly prohibited.
    • Mace and pepper spray are prohibited inside the venue but may be checked in at the exterior security station and available for pick up when exiting the event.
  • No outside food or beverage.
  • No controlled substances including but not limited to marijuana, illegal drugs, or paraphernalia.
  • No non-labeled/improperly packaged prescription drugs or eye drops (non-prescription or prescription).
  • No large bags or backpacks. Bags must be smaller than 14” x 14” x 6”.
  • No umbrellas in Galleries. Umbrellas must be checked in at coat check.

Rules for Event Entry

    • No Re-Entry. A secure, outdoor smoking section is provided.
    • Individuals must be 21 years of age or older.
    • Individuals must have a valid event ticket.
    • No admittance without valid photo ID.
      • ID Requirements:
        • Identification must be valid (not expired) and show:
          • The bearer's date of birth,
          • The bearer's signature (except US Military ID – see below)
          • A photograph of bearer.
        • Types of acceptable ID:
          • Driver’s License, Instruction Permit, or I.D. Card issued by any U.S. State, U.S. Territory and District of Columbia.
          • Driver’s License, Instruction Permit, or I.D. Card issued by any Canadian Province
          • Valid Washington State Temporary Driver’s License with any accompanying expired photo ID of the bearer
          • U.S. Armed Forces I.D. Card (Encrypted signature acceptable)
          • Merchant Marine I.D. Card issued by the U.S. Coast Guard
          • Official Passport, Passport Card, NEXUS Card
          • Washington State Tribal Enrollment Card (No expiration date required)
        • Digital copies of ID will not be accepted.
        • Security must be able to verify the ID bearer with the information and photo present on their ID.
        • Individuals will be asked by security to remove masks or face coverings for photo ID verification.
      • All individuals and bags are subject to search via metal detector devices.
      • Bag checks will be conducted upon entry.
      • Individuals who choose not to be screened will not be allowed entry.
      • MoPOP may photograph, film, or videotape visitors for educational, promotional, or security purposes. Purchase and use of a ticket is implied consent for the use of the holder's likeness, voice, photo, or video image.
      • Costumes must comply with MoPOP’s costume policy, including but not limited to the list of prohibited items above. Costume props are subject to additional security screening.
      • Costume props are subject to be secured and tagged with event specific credentials by security or designated event staff.

Costume Policy

      • Shoes must be worn at all times.
      • Costumes must fit through a single doorway (less than 85.5 inches tall x 25 inches wide)
      • Costumes cannot include glass elements, pyrotechnics, fire, smoke, steam, fog, helium balloons, loose glitter, natural florals or plants
      • All costume materials are subject to MoPOP’s on-site facility policies.
      • Costume props are for display purposes only and must be secured to the person or costume in a way that the prop cannot be drawn, swung, or brandished as a weapon. All simulated projectile costume elements must be rendered inoperable and comply with the costume policy.
      • No prop or replicated guns.
      • Costume props must be “peace bonded” or secured to the designated costume or wearer so that it cannot be drawn, swung, or brandished.
      • Costumes with metal decoration or adornment will be evaluated for entry individually by security or designated event staff.
      • Costumes and attire cannot expose the body in ways considered “indecent exposure” under state or federal laws.
      • Private body parts must be covered by nontransparent material that is secured in place and not subject to exposure.
      • Body paint may not be applied in place of clothing for private body part coverage.
      • Attendees in costumes considered by a reasonable person to be offensive and hateful to groups, including but not limited to those based on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, or disability will not be allowed access to the event.

Note: Canes and ADA assistive devices are not required to be tagged, as they are not costume props.

Anti-Harassment Policy

    • Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
    • Unacceptable behaviors include, and are not limited to, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory, or demeaning conduct or intimidation.
    • Harassment includes: offensive physical gestures or verbal comments related to gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, disability; socially inappropriate behavior in public spaces (including event related content); deliberate intimidation, stalking or following; taking photography or recording of others without their permission; sustained disruption of talks or other events; unwanted physical contact, lewd or offensive behavior or language, using sexually explicit or offensive language or conduct, extreme profanity, obscene gestures, or racial, religious, or ethnic slurs.



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