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Gene Wolfe

Gene Wolfe is a prolific short story writer and novelist best known for his dense, intricate writing and his four-volume science-fantasy masterpiece, The Book of the New Sun

He gained early critical attention for his novel The Fifth Head of Cerberus (1972), a set of subtle, interwoven stories told by decidedly unreliable narrators. The multi-volume novel The Book of the New Sun (1980 – 1983) is Wolfe’s most highly-regarded work. Although it reads like fantasy, the story takes place millions of years in the future at a time when current history is long forgotten.

Wolfe’s writing demands close attention by the reader so as not to miss the subtle clues that reveal the hidden truths of the tale. He uses science fiction to explore themes of identity, often to unsettling effect. Wolfe has won two Nebula Awards and two World Fantasy Awards, as well as a World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Induction Year: 2007


The Fifth Head of Cerberus (1972)
The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories (1980)
The Shadow of the Torturer (1980)
Soldier of the Mist (1986)
The Knight (2004)