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Youth Advisory Board at MoPOP

Applications Open

Apply Now to Leave Your Mark at MoPOP

MoPOP’s Youth Advisory Board (we call it the YAB) gives you a voice in teen programming at the museum and an opportunity to help Northwest arts and culture thrive. You’ll collaborate with local musicians, artists, community groups, and other teens while creating original content for the Voice Box exhibit and YAB social media. Arts, music, and pop culture? Not a bad way to rack up some community service hours.

Applications are now open

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High school-aged youth are invited to apply to serve on YAB for up to three years.

Check out what MoPOP's YAB has been up to on Instagram @MoPOPyouth. Or reach out with questions at

Don’t just take our word for it…

“ Being in YAB has changed my perspective on how I can impact my community because I used to feel very helpless – like I can’t make a change because I am a teenager. But then I went to do YAB and made other connections with SFFSFF and I just feel very involved with pop culture in Seattle. I know that I actually made a difference and it feels really good. It’s inspired me to do other things that I think can make a difference because I know that I can. 

—Isabel, a 2022 YAB Member

YAB Member Benefits and FAQ

Who can apply to MoPOP’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB)?

Students between the ages of 15–18 can apply to YAB and may serve on YAB for up to three years.

How does YAB engage the Pacific Northwest community?

YAB collaborates with local musicians, artists, youth arts leaders, community groups, and MoPOP staff to help develop MoPOP’s youth voice.

How does YAB support the Sound Off! music showcase program?

YAB promotes Sound Off! and screens submissions as part of the artist selection process.

Does YAB help produce events at MoPOP?

YAB helps with the production of landmark annual events such as the Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival, Sound Off!, and more. YAB members also get an inside peek at museum exhibitions and special events.

Does YAB design and contribute to unique projects?

Yes! YAB works with various departments across MoPOP to design and contribute to unique projects. One such project was curating a piece of an upcoming exhibit due to come to MoPOP in the Fall of 2024.

Does YAB have an online presence?

YAB members get to use YAB's Instagram @MoPOPyouth, which is devoted to the NW's all-ages arts scene.

How often does YAB meet?

YAB meets every other week during the school year.

Got more questions? Shoot us an email at