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Three New Games to Play at MoPOP's 'Indie Game Revolution' Exhibition

Visitors playing games inside MoPOP's 'Indie Game Revolution' exhibition

Three new games were introduced to the Museum of Pop Culture's Indie Game Revolution (IGR) exhibition this March, and we're here to tell you a little bit more about each one of those original titles! 


Developer: NExT Studios

Release Date: March 27 (PC via Steam and GOG) and Q2 2020 (PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch), or now at MoPOP!

What it's about: Grab a partner for this one! A co-op action game, Biped explores the laws of physics through the legs of Aku and Sila, bipedal robot characters that players control on a bonding adventure. Through 30 diverse stages, your goal is to save Earth from going dark as your teamwork, patience, and creativity are tested at each level along the way.

LUNA The Shadow Dust

Developer: Lantern Studio

Release Date: February 2020

What it's about: An original cinematic soundtrack accompanies point-and-click puzzle gameplay as players switch between control of two separate characters — a young boy and his companion — in a dream-like quest to restore balance to the world. A stunning, hand-animated audio-visual experience, LUNA The Shadow Dust has been described by Beidi Guo, Lantern Studio developer, as "a story-driven adventure game inspired by many of my favorite artists, from Studio Ghibli, illustrator Shaun Tan, the novelist Ursula le Guin.”


Developer: Amanita Design

Release Date: October 2019

What it's about: An inventory and card-based interactive with pencil sketch style visuals, Pilgrims puts players in control of a roaming adventurer who helps fellow quirky travelers complete their own charming stories. “It is a game that celebrates playfulness, and a game that provides a healthy bit of challenge for everyone, no matter how experienced a gamer you are," said Pilgrims developer Jakub Dvorský. "Being silly definitely pays off in Pilgrims!"

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