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MoPOP Mood Music: Lofi Beats for Quiet Quitting to

"And everyday you're in this place, you're two days nearer death." -The Chemical Worker's Song

The internet has been abuzz with the latest phenomenon among young professionals: quiet quitting.

To some, the term means creating clear boundaries that prioritize work-life balance. To others, it means doing the absolute bare minimum to collect that sweet, sweet paycheck.

No matter how you define the phenomenon, if you're feeling fatigued by the grind, here are a few rebellious songs to keep a sly smile on your face throughout your workday. They may not exactly be lofi, but if you're low key fed up, they're sure to mellow you out. 



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MoPOP Mood Music

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Myron Madden is the content marketing manager (and maestro of mischief) at MoPOP.