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Dustin Burt


Dustin Burt creates intricate, large-scale tattoos that are multi-layered in both their technique and composition.  Burt’s style is most notably influenced by Alphonse Mucha and other late 19th century Czech Art Nouveau artists, as evidenced in the delicate, smoky patterns in the upper set of wings seen here, reminiscent of Pre-Raphaelite depictions of human hair. With his heavy use of blackwork, white ink, smooth shading, and complex arcane symbolism, Burt draws on imagery popular throughout tattoo history including skulls, daggers, and death memorials. Burt’s designs refine this traditional occult imagery into a new style with the addition of symbolism from pagan and other nature based, religions.

I want to make sure that everything fits my client, and everything is aesthetically pleasing if somebody else was going to look at it. I don't want to make designs that go against people's body lines … I want my designs to have structure and look like an actual composition in a painting when they're done...