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Kirsten Holliday

American, b. 1985

Inspired at the age of 16 to become a tattoo artist, Kirsten Holliday’s illustrative tattoo style evolves from a deep appreciation of nature and botanical illustration.

Understanding tattoo as an art that can only be learned by doing, Holliday began her apprenticeship after finishing a degree in Rhetoric and Writing from the University of Texas at Austin. Incorporating flora and fauna with American Traditional style, Holliday’s unique designs retain a classic, timeless quality that seek to transcend any particular trend or time in history. Large-scale flowers and animals outlined with bold strokes and filled with saturated color mark her bespoke style. That singular style has lent itself well to other artistic design endeavors, like creating logos and marks for her tattoo clients’ businesses.

Anytime people are asking you for tattoos, it’s usually drawing from their experiences in their life, whether it’s meaningful on a deep level or just something they like.  It comes from their background a lot of the time, or someplace they’ve gone, or someplace they’ve spent time.  I think for sure where people are definitely impacting the things they ask you for.