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American, birthdate unknown


Using playful, unusual and subversive subjects combined with colors that relate to identity politics, Lolli Morlock creates informative, absurd, and charming designs.

Juxtaposing her whimsical and quirky take on popular culture with unambiguous social commentary, Morlock’s compositions are both exploration and response to societal oppression and aggression. She sees her tattooing as a means to heal trauma and create joy for her clients. Her background as a performer in unapologetically feminist bands, such as Mommy Long Legs, further informs her iconographic tattoo designs. The unique and thoughtful compositions transform her psychedelic designs into more than simply playful drawings—they encourage the viewer to rethink preconceived notions about identity, femininity, and popular culture with humor and empathy.

Because tattooing is art, it's boundless … the tattoo community is worldwide and people are seeing my art in these places that I've never been before and [they] resonate with it enough to reach out to me [to tattoo them] ...