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Sara Kay

American, birthdate unknown


Sara Kay approaches her tattoo designs as she would a blank canvas, creating freeform, illustrative tattoos that paint outside the lines and break away from traditional tattoo composition.

Working within an intuitive and organic methodology where color theory informs the placement and design of her tattoos, Kay “paints” directly on her clients. Her style reflects her interest in fine art icons, such as Egon Schiele, and in movements like Abstract Expressionism, color-block and color-field theory, and Post-Modernism. Using black line work to ground her imagery, Kay’s color overlays frequently stray outside the lines of the composition. These gestural splashes of color uniquely identify her singularly original style.

I've tattooed someone, and one of the coolest things I ever heard, truly, from a client post tattoo was, "It's like it was always there, and now I can just see it." I was taken quite aback by that, but it's true. It just was always there, and that was something special.