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Fearless Writers Club

Stories don’t tell themselves: Join the Fearless Writing Club.

MoPOP and The Bureau of Fearless Ideas are joining forces this fall for Fearless Writing Club, a six-week workshop for youth aged 12-14. Focusing on identity, community, and the power of creative expression, this immersive experience will explore fearless writing through the hidden worlds of the self and the voices of diverse creators in science fiction.

Fearless Writing Club

Fearless Writers Club

For ages 12 – 14
Dates: Tuesdays in October + November
Time: 4:00 - 5:00pm

Students will work with expert writers to:

  • Form a creative community
  • Learn new strategies for finding voice, form, and rhythm
  • Discover diverse storytelling techniques
  • Explore the process of publishing their own reimagined futures on the page

Club Dates + Locations

October 10 (In person)
October 17 (Virtual)
October 24 (Virtual)
October 31 (Virtual)
November 7 (Virtual)
November 14 (In Person)

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