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Chapter II: Creative Expression as a Tool for Change

After having fallen through a glittering hole, we now find Moe (they/them) inside MoPOP’s Learning Labs.

Moe feels a tap on their nose. Looking up, they see an adult and a group of students. “Hi, I’m Sky, a MoPOP Museum Educator,” says the adult. “Are you with the school taking a workshop?” Moe shakes their muzzle no.

“Why don’t you join us anyway? We’re going to learn how people use their creative expression to become social activists.”

Moe is a little nervous… but that’s to be expected when you just fell from a portal that plopped you into a museum. Social issues, personal identities, and the impact they have on communities start to swirl together around Moe as the students share their connections and inspiration.

All right!” Sky exclaims standing in front of a wall with student’s ideas. “Let’s go see some galleries filled with creations by folx who used pop culture to influence change.”

As Moe follows the group, they get distracted at the Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic exhibition gallery door. Moe feels they must go inside.

As they creak the door open, something starts to pull them in! Uh-oh, they’ve felt this before. Moe is now twirling through another tunnel and lands in a school classroom, realizing they didn’t travel by themself….

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MoPOP In-Museum Workshops

Linking Washington state core learning objectives, creative expression, and 21st century skills with our exciting content, MoPOP’s workshops are hands-on and student-centered. Tailored for your needs and grade level, options include:

    • Architecture Tour: Explore the visual art and STEAM concepts in Frank Gehry’s building design.
    • The Hero’s Journey: Embark on a science fiction and fantasy-filled journey that gives students a sense of story structure and inspiration to craft their own narratives.
    • Shape Shifters: A costume design intensive that looks at the art and math of bringing characters to life through wardrobe.
    • This Machine Kills Fascists: Nurture interest in pop culture and social activism and investigate creative expression through the lens of creating positive change in the world.
    • Building New Worlds: Build skills in analyzing story structure and teach students what makes science fiction stories unique and what they can teach us about our own society.
    • Cli Fi: See pop culture in action as a STEAM tool to creatively solve climate change problems with science fiction and explore the impacts of our actions on the future.
    • Crafting Worlds and Building Communities: Take simulation video games offline and into the real world to learn how humans establish communities, learn from each other, exchange ideas, and effectively use resources.

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MoPOP Education Programs

Outreach Workshops and Kits

Outreach Workshops and Kits

Bring the wonder and excitement of MoPOP to your school! We offer kits, workshops, and performances to liven up the classroom.

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Virtual Student Clubs

Anime Club

We help students dive deeper into what they love and solve creative challenges together.

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In-Museum Workshops

In-Museum Workshops

All workshops are facilitated by trained educators who are experts at connecting the themes and ideas in the gallery with fun, creative, hands-on projects.

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