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Chapter III: Fantasy Becomes Reality

Moe has landed in a classroom at a school, and they brought some incredible specimens from MoPOP with them — things like feathers, fur, and skeletons.

Welcome to our classroom!” exclaims the teacher at the front of the room.

All of the students turn to Moe in wonderment. “What are those?!” asks a student, pointing to the specimens.

“They belong to fantasy creatures, but I’m not sure what kind...” Moe trails off. “Maybe you can help me figure it out?”

YES!” the students exclaim. Together, they decide that this creature has feathery legs, a furry face, and a very tall skeleton. It’s a brand-new fantasy creature that’s never been discovered before and the class starts brainstorming what they might call it.

The class continues exploring and creating until it's time to say goodbye. “Moe, can you take these specimens back to MoPOP?” The teacher asks placing some bins next to them.

Moe looks around, thinking, "Where’s a magic portal to transport things when you need it?!”

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Journey to the Cave of Bemagorn features handcrafted fantasy props that bring the story alive, a fully-produced audio adventure and corresponding slide deck to navigate the story, original artwork, and a teacher’s guide.

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Our museum educators come to your classroom to teach our Fantastic Creatures fantasy workshop (grades 3–8) or Can’t Look Away horror workshop (grades 9–12).

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Join Professor Kris Garfunkle Spark and Professor Alex Danger Maze as they recount their most recent fantasy creature discovery expedition! The professors discovered beloved creatures from movies, books, and TV, and they need your student’s help to identify them and learn more.

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