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The Adventures of Moe, the MoPOP Dog

Moe the MoPOP Dog

Moe (they/them) is one lucky doggo, participating in everything that MoPOP’s education programs have to offer.

Read about their journey of discovery for classroom discussion prompts and ways to get your students excited about learning through the power of pop culture.

I. Moe builds community virtually

Chapter 1

Begin the journey with Moe as they learn about making connections through student clubs…

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II. Moe explores the museum

Chapter 2

See Moe start to find their footing as they embrace the learning potential of pop culture in a workshop…

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III. Moe meets a fantasy creature

Chapter 3

Follow along as Moe tries out new experiences in a school classroom…

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IV. Moe keeps learning

Chapter 4

Join Moe in making pop culture and creative expression-based learning part of everyday life.

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MoPOP Education Programs

Outreach Workshops and Kits

Outreach Workshops and Kits

Bring the wonder and excitement of MoPOP to your school! We offer kits, workshops, and performances to liven up the classroom.

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Virtual Student Clubs

Anime Club

We help students dive deeper into what they love and solve creative challenges together.

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In-Museum Workshops

In-Museum Workshops

All workshops are facilitated by trained educators who are experts at connecting the themes and ideas in the gallery with fun, creative, hands-on projects.

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